I’ve moved

I’m packing my bags and moving my blog to a new location. My husband is re-doing my website and the blog will soon have a new look too.
Please update your bookmarks and feeds.

Here is the new location: http://www.umemi.com/nice


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Some time off

So I went to the doctor today and I do have Bronchitis. So I got some pink, little antibiotics to take for the next four days. I feel like crap so I might not be posting that much until I feel better. Thanks for stopping by!


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I’m working this weekend (hence the lazy blogging). I promise a fresh one tonight. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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Grandmas old statues

It looks like Barnaby Barford took grandmas old statues and chopped their heads off, replacing them with cute rabbits and Disney characters. Don’t know if grandma would like that.

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Perhaps not cute but…..

I’m reading this amazing book called ‘Cradle to Cradle, Remaking the Way We Make Things’. It’s a must read for any designer and anyone basically. It talks about sustainability and how our sustainable actions today are really not sustainable but a quick cover-up for our problems. Basically we shouldn’t be recycling but downcycling (and I get a spell check on that since it’s not even a word!).
To sound cliché: Please if you care for the world, then read this book (seriously).

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More Simpson

I’m so surprised right now. Thing is I entered this contest on Uncrate’s website which is a magazine for men I found the other day. It’s a contest on who looks most like their Simpson character they made on Simpsonmovie.com.
The winner got the limited edition Simpson movie soundtrack in the donut holster (pretty sweet). I didn’t win but I was in the top eight and seeing these pictures is just hilarious. The guy who won looks exactly like his character.
See the results here.

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Summer sweetness

I’m being lazy, it’s summer, my family is visiting so I’m kinda slacking these days. My dad is coming today, I can’t wait to see him and all of us are going to Cedar Point next weekend for some quality thrill rides and relaxation on the beach.

I recently got an idea concerning cute. It’s a work in progress and might take some time to do but I’ll let you in on it as soon as I’m confident enough about it. I think it will be a fun project and hopefully successful too.

I might post this week and I might not. Have a nice week and enjoy your summer and the company of your loved ones.

I’m gonna leave you with this article from the NY Times. Via Core 77. I agree that the DIY thing is getting pretty tired.

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