I’m still sick and I’ve pretty much been watching movies for three days. The other day I watched Fur which talks about the possible dreamworld of photographer Diane Arbus. Very fun film to watch.


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Spirited Away

Finally had the pleasure of watching it today. Another masterpiece, loved it!

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The cute character

My all time favorite cartoon is the Simpsons, then I loved Futurama when that was on, later came Family Guy and then finally American Dad. I like watching all of these although the Simpsons will always be on the top.
All of these cartoons have at least one character that is ‘the cute character’ and I started thinking why. Most likely the makers are trying to get as many people as the can to relate to the cartoon. The more people you please, the more viewers you have. There seems to be a certain formula that works and cute has to be a part of it basically.

I personally love the ‘cute characters’. They make me go awwwww and I like the fact that sometimes they are evil or just a little unintelligent or even super smart like Maggie. What they all have in common is that they are vulnerable and helpless in some way: can’t speak, wear diapers, fall down when they walk, not bright enough etc.
Here are my picks for ‘cute characters’ from each of the cartoons. Let me know what you think.

Maggie: She’s is obviously a baby. Tiny, doesn’t speak, can’t walk except few steps at a time. She has huge eyes and you can’t see her mouth. Stubby, little arms and hands. Her physical features are adorable. She seems to be very smart which might make or brake the cute. For example, she saves Homer from drowning. Cute is supposed to equal helpless but I guess the nice gesture makes her cute in some ways too. So in a biological sense, I think her features are cute but sometimes her actions don’t fit the cute factor.

Fry (Futurama): Ok so Futurama has two characters that I think fit the ‘cute character’. Fry being number one. This guy is just so utterly hopeless you gotta love him. He’s not very bright but underneath he’s so sweet and lovably honest. He’s the kinda guy that you just wanna hug and take care of. Although he is a grown-up human, his clueless expression is just so heart warming.

Nibbler: Number two for Futurama. He’s the little alien pet that eats everything in sight and poops balls that weigh a couple of tons. He’s a brat and hard to handle but his adorably cute features make up for it. And the sounds he makes, awwwww. I like how Leyla nurtures him, like she is totally taken by his cuteness and nothing else matters.

I was thinking about Bender the robot also. I think he is not quite the ‘cute character’ though. He is something else. I’ll have to figure that one out.

Stewie (Family Guy): Ok you gotta love Stewie. The little baby with the huge head and the manly voice with a British, upper class accent. He has great plans on destroying things and people only to be taken away by his mom or peeing his pants. He is cute and evil at the same time but in the end he’s just a little, helpless baby with a mastermind.

Roger (American Dad): Roger is the lovable alien that drinks booze and watches soaps all day. He has some serious emotional problems and the personality of a elderly aunt or grandmother and I think it’s the elderly factor that makes him cute. He has the cute features: large head, big eyes, stubby legs and he is helpless in the way that he has both emotional and physical problems that make him adorable. Oh and the show where he was dressed up as a old lady on a bus with elderly people it was like he finally belonged. He is Roger the gender, role confused alien that you just gotta love.

I think Claus is cute too (the goldfish) his features and the fact that he is stuck in a fishbowl. But it’s his personality that is not really doing it as cute.

Well, that’s it folks. I’m coughing my lungs up here. If you have any thoughts, please share. I would love it if we could start a little scientific discussion on cute.

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Howl’s Moving Castle

Just watched it for the first time the other day. I loved it. The only other Miyazaki film I’ve seen is Totoro (love it too) so now I’ll have to catch up and watch all of them. Oh yeah and my favorite character is the little fire guy, how cute is he!

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My precious

I love the Simpsons. I don’t spend my time thinking about if they are getting better or worse since my endless respect for the Simpsons doesn’t allow that, they are basically my second family. Actually my family has often been compared to them since we’ve spent a lot of time watching them and filling our minds with useless Simpsons quotes like: “Stick together is was good waffles do” and “Remember the time he ate my goldfish? And you lied and said I never had goldfish. Then why did I have the bowl Bart? Why did I have the bowl?” (one of my favorites).
So like most of you know, you can now make your own Simpson avatar on The Simpsons Movie website. Here I am:

Oh and whoever said the Simpsons weren’t cute, they were wrong, wrong I tells ya! They are adorable with their stupidness and googly eyes.

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Back when Mickey was cool

I prefer the oldest Mickey, he’s so much more cute, silly, funny and elastic than the one we know today. Disney plays a big part in my research on cute since he pretty much put cute on the market so I’m trying to include him. The thing is that most modern Disney movies are not my ideal cute.

I prefer this. I can just imagine people in the late 20’s watching this, they must have had a blast.

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Taaaarako taaaaaarako!

The commercial

The Tarako girls

I’m stil waiting for a crazy, old man Tarako choir.

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Nostalgic Cuteness

Cartoons that helped develop my love for cute:

Care Bears

Rainbow Brite

Moon Dreamers


My Little Pony


Strawberry Shortcake

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The office

Why am I blogging about The Office on a ‘Cute Blog’ you ask? Well first of all, I love The Office and second, I’ve lately found myself looking for cute in dark alleys and damp attics.
And watching The Office last night, I found cute. It’s the kinda cute that has always been there but I’ve never really thought about it.
Jim and Pam are my definition of cute characters. They are adorable, clueless, dorky, kind and their features and style are not really sexy or beautiful but more cute-like. They would make the perfect cute couple.

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From Russia with Love

There is something sad about these cute little characters created by Roman Kachanov in the 60’s and 70’s. Vareshka and Cheburashka are so adorably tiny and huggable.

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