Light a flower

I have to say that I don’t know if I like the contrast between the industrial interior and the delicate flower inside but the flower itself is enough for me. If I could just buy the bulb with the flower inside I’d be happy. Lamp by Felix de Pass.

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Eames cartoon

The Eames’s are my heroes. Charles was the one who started the design department at Cranbrook (my school) and that is where he met Ray. It is an honor to be working in the very same studio’s as they did about 70 years back and we even still have some of the tools they used back then.

Here you can see one of the many movies they made. This was my first time seeing The Information Machine and I really like the fact that it is a cartoon. Love the fifties style drawings. Enjoy.

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Monster madness

Pretty cool article on Pingmag.

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Cute as a button

I was searching for buttons on Google and found which is a site just sprawling with cuteness.

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Going to a Anime Convention?

I found this shop on Ebay. I just love all these great costumes and they are reasonably priced too. Great for Halloween. (Please ignore the giant logos on the pictures, I’m trying to.)

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Buy these adorable crocheting patterns here.

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Wood is cool

No I’m not talking about that kinda wood, I’m talking about this:

Gimme some! Take-G.

July 25, 2007. Cute design. 1 comment.

Plushy friends

A very important aspect of cuteness is anthropomorphism and Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane sure knows how to use it. I would have killed for one of these guys when I was little and I wouldn’t mind one today.

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Bubble Mole

These guys are new at Kidrobot. They are inflatable and designed by a company in Argentina called DGPH.

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Cute and playful

I’m not big on the whole Superstar designers thing but I’ve always enjoyed Jerzy Seymour and Marc Newson. These three pieces (top by Seymour and the other two by Newson) are from the nineties but I still think they are pretty nice. The are all made for Magis.

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