So nice

I love it when I find something new that I’m just so fascinated by I can’t help myself. Erwin Olaf is a Dutch artist that takes the most amazing pictures. These two are from a series called ‘Rain’, I like everything about them, the atmosphere, the colors, the people, the surrounding environments. Just Beautiful.


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In undergrad a guy teaching me photography used to kid that I needed ‘help’ since I only liked to photograph toys.
I guess I’d take that therapy with my friend Larry Gianettiona if he hadn’t passed away. I want that top photo (note: month till birthday).

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Little Dolls

I’ve been searching all over for photography that mixes cute and other things. Alain Delorme calls this photo series ‘Little Dolls’. These pictures surely have a eerie undertone which I think is pretty interesting.

July 28, 2007. Cute art. 2 comments.


I don’t know how I managed to miss this but in June last year, Sanrio got a bunch of artists to express how they experienced Hello Kitty. How amazing is that? That would be me dream project. The show was called Hello Kitty Secret House. Check out the shows website.

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Cute inside and out

There’s a good chance you’ve seen these guys before but Kent Rogowski, the maker, just published a book about them and is currently having a show at the Foley Gallery in NYC.

And all he did was to turn something inside out….pretty clever.

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Super Cool Artist of the Week

Well I’m back, after endless thrill rides and sunbathing at Cedar Point. My body is aching everywhere from climbing stairs at the waterpark and holding on in the 200 feet high rollercoasters. It was a great trip and the aching is well worth it.

Back to cuteness.

I got to know Aya Takano’s work through the Little Boy exhibition.
She is one of the post WW2 artist playing an important roll in Japan’s art world today (the Murakami group).
I love her Kawaii noir with it’s weird, sexual undertone. Very sweet and floaty.

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More surreal cuteness

More awesome cute/weird art, this time by Kathie Olivas.

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More cute illustrations

I learned about Jen Corace through Audrey Kawasaki’s journal.

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Super Cool Artist of the Week

I love how Audrey Kawasaki uses innocent, erotic, cute, beautiful and cynical all at the same time, with a hint of Art nouveau. Lovely!

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What’s cute?

I had a dream about me buying a nesting doll last night, I think it has something to do with the cute nesting doll pillows I saw at Urban Outfitters yesterday. Pretty cute. Here are some nice examples.

More wall decors from Bored Inc.

The soft pillows sold at Urban Outfitters. A little pricey but nice.

Awesome one-of-a-kind nesting dolls by Friends with you via The Wurst Gallery.

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