About me

My name is Ragnheidur (Ragen) and I come from a land way up north called Iceland. Ever since I was a tiny person, I’ve been smitten with everything cute, starting with my Sanrio obsession at an early age. I remember going crazy over Japanese inventions I saw on the news… Mommy! can I have one of these snowman storage boxes (shaped as a snowman) so I can keep my snowman in the freezer over summer.

Of course there was no other way to go than to become a product designer and make my own cute things. Today I study product design at a beautiful place called Cranbrook placed in Michigan USA. A place that has been home to genius people like Eero Saarinen and Ray and Charles Eames.

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I will enjoy updating it. Cuteness keeps the earth turning.




  1. nasty gal! replied:

    hey! thanks for blogging us! we are trying to keep a wide range of sizes in the store at all times, so stay tuned… xoxo!

  2. Ragnheidur Osp replied:

    I love your stuff and I’ll be checking in!

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