I love the whole philosophy of cereal. Of course we know that cute sells but since cereal is both for boys and girls it can’t be too cute. It also has to be silly and a little crazy. BooBerry above is one of my favorite (well the oldest version), he is a very simple drawing, with big eyes and a pitiful look on his face, the perfect cute. You just wanna pick him up and give him a hug.
There is also something romantic about the nostalgia, like with so may other things. The two dimensional flatness of the old characters just does so much more for me than then new stuff. If they had characters like that on cereal boxes today, I’d probably buy the cereal just for the box.

To prove my point on the older versions being better than the new ones, here is an example:

Tony the Tiger in the 50’s. He may not have the specific features of cute (big googly eyes etc.) but he looks like a friendly guy that you can trust (other than being a man eater).

Tony the Tiger today. This picture just freaks me out. What happened here? How did that nice, little tiger turn into a steroid abusing, weight lifting macho man? Just scary.

If you want to learn more about cereal characters through the ages check out this page.


July 30, 2007. Cute packaging.

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