It’s been such a nice year so far with a lot of cuteness in my life. The blog hit it’s highest number of visits today with 96! Woohoo, thanks for stopping by guys, I’m glad someone’s checking out the blog.
Here are some photos from my photobooth museum. Enjoy.

Here we are, me and Panda just after we got her. She is so tiny there, and I thought she was tiny now.

She seems so innocent but looks can deceive.

The puppy from outer space. Yes I’m a nerd that can’t get enough of the Photobooth special effect.

My new studio for next year. I’ve been using it over the summer since I love it so much, this is where I’ll live next year basically. It’s mirrored by the way, Photobooth does that.

Me and Panda taken this afternoon.

Panda and my husband resting this afternoon. She likes to use our heads as pillows, no respect…no respect.


July 25, 2007. Cute other.

One Comment

  1. SunnaSweet replied:

    Gvuð hvað hún er orðin mikil bollulína…svo sæt!! ússímússí!!

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