Treats on a friday

Me and my husband decided to take a little trip and spend a little money (just a little), since we’ve been making a little fund for each on of us every month for spending on fun things.

When we were about to leave, I was thrilled to see a package outside. My plastic book had arrived. I’ve only taken a quick look inside but the pictures are lovely and it has interesting information on plastics and it’s history.

First stop was my favorite shop in the Detroit area: Noble fish (in Clawson, sorry no website). It’s a Japanese grocery shop where you can find anything from toilet cleaners to delicious sushi. I wanted to get some more Mamegoma characters but they were all out. So I got the following things:

A decoration for the car. Me and my husband thought this was cute since it has a little couple on it. The text reads ‘Good Driving’ so we thought it would be perfect for the car.

Ume gum, very sour but actually delicious.

Rement, this package contained Wagashi or Japanese candy miniatures.

More Rement, this one contained some bathroom products. My favorite has to be the little puffy thing in the little pink container with the top.

We ended up in the mall at Borders Bookstore and got some magazines. I got this magazine called Giant Robot which talks about Asian culture. It’s pretty good.

Have a nice weekend!


June 2, 2007. Cute other.

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