Summer sweetness

I’m being lazy, it’s summer, my family is visiting so I’m kinda slacking these days. My dad is coming today, I can’t wait to see him and all of us are going to Cedar Point next weekend for some quality thrill rides and relaxation on the beach.

I recently got an idea concerning cute. It’s a work in progress and might take some time to do but I’ll let you in on it as soon as I’m confident enough about it. I think it will be a fun project and hopefully successful too.

I might post this week and I might not. Have a nice week and enjoy your summer and the company of your loved ones.

I’m gonna leave you with this article from the NY Times. Via Core 77. I agree that the DIY thing is getting pretty tired.


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Detroit Munny show

The annual Detroit Munny show was held at Lift last night. There were so many great Munnies to be seen.

One of the winners, very nice.

My personal favorite.

I liked this one, it had no arms. A strong feature of helplessness in the science of cute.

I loved the graphics and color on this one by Squidboy. Cool name too.

My Candy Cannibal didn’t win a price but was certainly high on the cute scale.

See more pics on my husbands Flickr

I’m off too bed….

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What I’m working on….

I love Origami. Even thought it’s become somewhat of a commercial cliché it is just too beautiful and delicate to get tired of. My favorite shape is the Ninja Star and I’m currently working with it in one of my projects. My first sketches shown above.

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Cute, cute and cute

I like Naoshi a lot.

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What’s cute?

Although owls have been a ‘trend’ for a while now I just think they are adorable. Especially the one’s with a vintage feel.
Owl lamp base from Urban Outfitters and Owl Sake set originally from Antropologie.

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More surreal cuteness

More awesome cute/weird art, this time by Kathie Olivas.

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More cute illustrations

I learned about Jen Corace through Audrey Kawasaki’s journal.

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Squishy face

I love my fur baby.

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Super Cool Artist of the Week

I love how Audrey Kawasaki uses innocent, erotic, cute, beautiful and cynical all at the same time, with a hint of Art nouveau. Lovely!

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What’s cute?

I had a dream about me buying a nesting doll last night, I think it has something to do with the cute nesting doll pillows I saw at Urban Outfitters yesterday. Pretty cute. Here are some nice examples.

More wall decors from Bored Inc.

The soft pillows sold at Urban Outfitters. A little pricey but nice.

Awesome one-of-a-kind nesting dolls by Friends with you via The Wurst Gallery.

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