New Books

Even though I’m a poor design student close to living on the streets, I thought I’d spend some money on books tonight.

I actually need to start collecting info for my research so I decided to start with two books based on cute plus sinister things in Japan, which I find highly interesting.

Why is cute mixed with sex, violence, drugs and emotional disorders so popular?

My first book is Drop Dead Cute by Ivan Vartanian.
In the book he shows the works of ten Japanese woman artist of the new generation.
Read about the book here.

The other book is called Pink Box by Joan Sinclair, and is about the strange sex industry in Japan. The first thing I noticed when seeing this book was cute, cute little girls in cute costumes. It bothers me in a way, why would you mix cute with sex? Is cute the new sexy? Where does it cross the line of becoming even too childish? Here is the link to Joan’s website dedicated to the book. Her story is pretty interesting since she is a lawyer that spent a year in Japan taking pictures in sex clubs.

I’ll write a little review when I get them!


May 14, 2007. Cute literature/article.


  1. Aldís replied:

    Vá, þessi Pink Box bók er ekkert smá undarleg… ALLT er greinilega til.

  2. Ragnheidur Osp replied:

    Já ég held að hún sé mjög athyglisverð. Ótrúlegt hvað Japanir geta bætu sætu við allt.

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