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The God of Manga

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco is putting up an exhibit on the works of Osamu Tezuka creator of Astroboy and considered one of the first Manga artists.

Check out This article about the exhibit on the Wired Website.

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Japanese beer for kids! Maybe not the best idea in the world but I have to admit that I love the label.

Via Weird Asia News

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Super Cool Artist of the Week

I totally forgot to post this on Monday, so here we go.
I am thrilled to tell you that my idols at Friends With You have a new web site up. Although (due to my husbands strong opinions) I have grown not to like flash sites, I have to say that I love this one.

Friends With You are one of my biggest inspirations in the world of designer toys and although I want to buy everything on their website, I think Super Malfi is on the top of my list (seen above). He would fit perfectly in my studio and of course I’d rub his spots every day for good luck!

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Unfortunately I didn’t make it to ICFF but after looking through all the pictures I think I like Yosuke Wantanabe’s work the most. It’s really playful and nice. Not like anything I’ve seen lately.

Via Designboom

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I heart hearts

I’m currently working on my hearts. I´m not sure about the Heartmen name, maybe too masculine, so I was thinking about I Heart Hearts as the new name. Using the letter I with my two heart logo seen on the lower right hand side of the cards.

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There´s something about this ceramic bird from the Japanese designers at Ideaco.

Via Pingmag

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As cute as cute can be

So following my last post I spent most of the night looking through the incredible, nostalgic images on CSA images.
I eventually gave in and bought four of their books from Amazon.

The first three are produced by the very cool Pop Ink which I think is a company run by CSA images.

The last one is…..

There’s a great future in plastics. I got it used but in great condition through Amazon.

I can’t wait to get these books, they are going to be so helpful in my research.

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Suffer from designers block?

If you do then CSA Images is the perfect place for you to look around.

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Bossy Bear

David Horvath creator of Ugly Dolls has a children’s book coming out called Bossy Bear. It’s so cute I want to tear my own hair off.

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